Bringing new life to old technology

Many ScorpInc clients will be familiar with Tsukumogami, where some objects are imbued with a spirit once they are one hundred years old. ScorpInc has offered relocation assistance and integration programs for these spirits to ensure a happy new home in their chosen object or a prosperous haunting future elsewhere.

The world is (rightly) seeking to extend the lifespan of newer technological objects. The right to repair and nostalgia for 1980’s gaming consoles has seen technology being revived and extended well past the planned obsolescence with which they were created.

Perhaps due to the idea of a short life and a planned electronic death we are now seeing these objects gain sentience far earlier than the standard one hundred years. A compressed lifetime extended in a way that must seem like magic to the objects has seen awareness and spiritual inhabitation in some objects from the late 70’s onwards. The effect of the spirit imbuing the object with attitudes similar to those exhibited when the object has been in use is also amplified for electronics and technology.

If you are seeking to collect or keep technology currently thirty years old or younger, ScorpInc is able to assist in ensuring the spirit which manifests is in keeping with the beloved item. Using teams of “glhf” enthusiasts of all ages, we can provide Tsukumogami Trainers who will spend time with your object, having fun with friends online or playing with a beloved family member on a large screen that doesn’t cause the person with the bottom half to have a disadvantage. Our user profiles mean we can find the right kind of games with the perfect balance of challenge and fun. For technology used as development or work machines, we can find the right applications to work first time and have instinctive user interfaces, and code that has interesting bugs that are solvable and encourage creativity.

All this ensures an inhabiting spirit that will ultimately seek to enjoy their object and all the technological applications it has for years to come.

Part replacement and Tsukumogami

If your Tsukumogami object requires part replacement at any point, you will not lose your carefully cultivated spirit thanks to our Ship of Theseus repair service. Much like the flux flow during soldering, our expert technical team guides your spirit to move to a fixed part of your technological object and then move back to inhabit the new part along with the old.


If your item of technology has already undergone Tsukumogami and you are confused by the spirit now inhabiting your item, ScorpInc can help. We can undertake a relocation of the spirit, leaving your technology to seek a new haunting. Alternatively we can try to rehabilitate the spirit, helping your piece of technology to remember any fun times and guiding its energy to focusing on growing into that feeling.

When it comes to technology with spirit, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.

Please note, any controllers thrown into a wall by your big brother Kyle are not able to be exorcised or re-educated. In this case we recommend unpatching the gyprock/drywall where it was initially stuck, dropping the controller in, and repatching the hole. We leave it to you how best to explain what the vibration rumble noises are when the Tsukumogami spirit gets upset.