Image generation, deepfake audio, GPT-4 text models. AI is helping shortcut so many modern content-creation workflows but spellwork has still been one of the final frontiers of artisanal crafts. However with ScorpInc’s new cAIntrip abyssal learning model, we’ve gone where no spellcaster has gone before.

By training a neural network on millions of grimoires we scraped from eldritch and unreachable libraries as well as hundreds of thousands of sigils etched on corpses in various catacombs, dungeons, and black metal albums we’ve created a platform that can generate new spells based on simple Enochian language prompts. While they may have some rough edges, these spells can easily fulfill the needs for any non-practitioner looking to get into the arcane arts without having to sacrifice decades poring over musty tomes or decalitres of lifeblood to old gods.

We don’t recommend these spells being used for any work requiring a high degree of sorceral fidelity, as the products of the cAIntrip system are still a bit rough around the edges, but for showy events in non-magic realms they’re a perfect fit. From radiant illuminance orbs to light up your gala dinner, blood dripping walls to give a homely effect for any visiting revenant dignitaries, or some pyrotechnics to liven up an all-hands meeting, cAIntrip can quickly generate the perfect extra without the price of hiring a fully trained and qualified wizard who refuses to work for any sort of exposure except to the veil of the beyond.

cAIntrip is now in open beta and is generally available (pending appropriate planetary alignments). Users are given 10 free credits per lunar calendar month but can sacrifice one close fraternal bond for an extra 1000 credits as part of our pre-paid system. It does behoove us to let users know that cAIntrip’s spells are much like normal spells and thus carry their own personal usage costs. Every action taken via magic costs the user in ways they may not yet understand.

When it comes to AI and the occult, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.