Can Virtual Cats Have Homes Too?

ScorpInc is well known for our philanthropic ventures, and we are proud to support a number of animal welfare organisations around the world and in alternate dimensions. However, we have come to realise there is a gap in animal care that these organisations are not equipped to assist with. ScorpInc is uniquely placed to continue our charitable ventures assisting with this emerging issue: virtual pets without homes.

With the rise of AI-powered This (Insert Type Of Animal) Does Not Exist websites, thousands of imaginary animals are being generated each day and left in web caches to fend for themselves. As we all know, browser caches can be dark and sometimes scary places, and these virtual animals deserve a safer home.

With so many people unable to take in a real pet, these virtual animals can offer companionship and cuteness without making your landlord angry.

ScorpInc has utilised some of the server farm space given to retired home AIs (/blog/home-assistant-ai-retirement-plan/) to house these virtual animals. Our retired bots care for them while they wait to find their forever home network.

If you would like to adopt one of these loving, low maintenance pets please contact us. We will need to undertake an inspection of your network and hardware to ensure you have the right kind of environment to allow these special beings into your life.

Adopt this week and we will include some ScorpInc-designed VR software that will allow you to easily create photos and videos with your new pet, ready to share on social media! Being willing to play with your pet in their virtual environment will enrich both your lives and help you to become familiar with everything the online realm has to offer.

When it comes to virtual fluffy joy, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.