Tired of writing “duck that” or misspelling a cowork’ers name? When writing on your smartphone or work-required neural implant you want to be quick, concise, understood, and correct so trust in our predictive keyboard that knows what you should be saying.

CassieTypes is a revolutionary new virtual keyboard available for all major operating systems that uses a powerful blend of machine learning, contextual derivation algorithms, and wide-band temporal heuristics to work out the best way to respond to any given situation. These highly advanced and almost mystical technologies allow it to provide entire responses with one button, rather than tapping individual word predictions.

While many of the suggestions may seem inappropriate or posit what looks like a terrible idea, trust in CassieTypes - the leading predictive text keyboard from ScorpInc will never lead you astray. Of course, if you don’t want to follow the suggestions from the keyboard you can continue typing as normal, even though CassieTypes will continue to recommend a different course of action to your intent.

Our augury research and development divisions have spent countless hours perfecting CassieTypes for not just writing responses to texts from friends or acknowledgements to commands from managers, but allowing for long-form predictive typing when constructing essays, reports, or even novels. CassieTypes will show you what you should write, even if it seems counterintuitive and goes against everything you want to put to paper.

When it comes to knowing the future, ScorpInc is the name you should trust.