Cerebrate Chip

ScorpInc’s approach has always been to ask “Can we?” rather than “Should we?”. This approach has served us well in the creation of our new Cerebrate Chip.

The Cerebrate Chip is a brain-insert chip currently under testing using our lab Erymanthian boars. We recognised a true need for augmenting brain power: the ability to see through those setting themselves up as technological gurus. Bringing the ability to rationally question morally ambiguous projects* to a wide audience will hopefully prevent unwarranted hero worship and bring peace to a multitude of social media platforms.

Our Cerebrate Chip seeks to help a multitude of people who have been blinded by wealthy business oligarchs who are smart enough to hire brilliant engineers, but not quite clever enough to understand the need for safe work practices. We hope that by installing the ability to see projects as being separate from those who bankroll them we can end the only kind of cults ScorpInc will never support: cults of personality. The Cerebrate Chip also increases capacity to hear opposing views from highly qualified individuals in all fields, helping to ensure support from the broader community is coming from an informed perspective.

For all your mind expanding needs, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.

*The Cerebrate Chip will not analyse ScorpInc projects.