Corporate Burkittsville - Design For Our Users

Design is about emotion, exploration, and empathy. You need to step outside of your comfort zone to develop something that connects with your audience and pushes them outside their comfort zone - especially in a market so saturated with other companies trying to grab their attention.

Unfortunately modern design trends lean towards homogenisation, with corporations flocking together and using nearly identical language and motifs. You’ve seen variations of it around, the flat-shaded characters, minimalist logos and the simple geometric style that proliferates on corporate landing pages, subway ads, and interstitial dream experiences by brand partners. These simple figures and designs are there to humanise corporations and their products, to make them seem relatable. Some corporations use these avatars and logos in support chat or on social media, creating entire personas you can connect with.

But the public is rebelling; they don’t want to be lied to about the true nature of what lies behind the limited colour palette and vector illustrations. Potential customers aren’t looking for a friend, they’re looking for the indescribable capabilities that you offer. If they wanted a fake corporate avatar to feel emotionally connected to, they’d rent a ScorpInc ArtiFriend (now available in streamer form!) or talk to HR at their workplace. Your design should reflect the value opportunity you offer and the distinction between you as a provider of services and them as a consumer.

And that’s why the design minds at ScorpInc are proud to introduce the Corporate Burkittsville concept of design. We believe design should remind users that every interaction can have elements of magic. We want users to know that the unknown can be dangerous and so take caution in unfamiliar situations. And we want to connect users to nature and history by unlocking the early, instinctual parts of the brain that helped us evolve over eons. This doesn’t have to mean a return to maximalism or complex design, in fact through minimalist figures and careful linework, users can be drawn to you in ways they can’t understand.

Corporate Burkittsville Sketch

Concept sketch from an internal design brief for a complete all-seeing surveillance/robotic supervisor solution for offices and warehouses.

Corporate Burkittsville is about reconnecting with users, and exploring the emotions that underpin everyday life. It shows users that the unknown is still out there, and that it wants to meet them as much as they want to meet it. Show your users you possess power beyond their comprehension through a design that resonates with parts of them that instinct never forgot.

When it comes to design, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.