Corporate Knowledge - It’s In Our DNA

Every company has vital corporate knowledge carried by each of its employees. But what if you could use this memory capacity more efficiently and in a more targeted way?

ScorpInc is proud to introduce our newest product: GCat™ State Drives (or GSD).

One gram of DNA contains the capacity to store 215 petabytes of data. Using our patented DNA-Data replacement technique, you will be able to utilise this innate storage ability available to you in every employee who consists of standard DNA strands. For example, the average human contains 1.15 grams of DNA, allowing you ample data storage and a chance to work with your employee to choose which elements of their DNA they’d like to keep.

ScorpInc also has data and conversion tables for non-human corporeal employees to help you assess which combination of employees would form the best aggregate for your data storage needs.

ScorpInc also offers data transfer options on an employee’s retirement, or stasis-storage options should the circumstances surrounding an employee’s end of contract be a little less joyful.

In an example of ScorpInc’s broad research and development providing cross pollination opportunities, we are also working to develop a new species with more DNA than ever seen before in the naturally existing multiverse, available as a one-off purchase or via subscription with ScorpInc or fully supported local hosting (dietary requirements will need to be met by the leasee for locally hosted solutions).

When it comes to expanding your storage along with your potential, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.