Crane Sanctuary And Rehabilitation Clinic

Construction fuels the growth of society, and in turn is required to sustain that growth. While we support building and growing economics - from local to interdimensional - we also respect the importance of eco-friendly practice.

That’s why we started the Crane Sanctuary And Rehabilitation Clinic, a place protected from poachers where endangered cranes are free to raise families and injured ones can be nursed back to full function. We firmly believe these graceful, long-necked creatures should be cared for, not taken from their families as chicks and forced to lift 13,000kg of steel girders to the top of a new apartment block.

Below you’ll see a 3D render of one of the habitats in the sanctuary. We can’t show actual photos which might give away the location; these elegant beings are much prized for their abilities by project managers and vehicle hire companies, often traded on the black market for use in the construction and building trades.

Crane Sanctuary rendering

You can see a baby crane in the background, still stretched prone on the ground as it learns to move its boom before it can stand up properly. Watching over it are two parent cranes, cautiously on the lookout for any sign of danger. Although this is a safe place, ScorpInc works hard to create a natural environment and not interfere with the cranes, making sure they don’t get inured to predators if they are released back into the wild.

Closer to the foreground, you’ll see a small herd of cranes eagerly working on a seven storey communal nest in the post-modern style. A model of collective cooperation, these wondrous beasts craft intricate monuments and shelters that are used by all in their group. This means parents can keep watching over their young and smaller cranes can be on the fringes looking out for natural predators, but none will be left out when harsh weather comes or economic downturn pushes them into hibernation periods.

As part of our commitment to social responsibility, ScorpInc will continue to create sanctuaries for all strange and misunderstood creatures - our duty is not just to build worlds, but protect them too.