Dank Meme Acquisitions


ScorpInc strongly refutes media reports that it is currently “stockpiling” dank memes.

 ScorpInc has undertaken research into dank memes for several years, and we have used our mystic grip on certain population profiles to promote certain products and services.

In addition, ScorpInc has expanded its research into the use of certain social media posts and situations to include dank memes. The dankest of memes are replicated and reposted, seemingly forever. The chance that dank memes contain the key to perpetual motion has the potential to solve the energy problems of this and all other universes, and therefore is an area of newly funded research for ScorpInc.

ScorpInc would also like to respond to media reports that dank meme creators are being held against their will at ScorpInc Headquarters. On the contrary, these content creators are undertaking internships, gaining valuable insight into ScorpInc’s ways of working. Relatives and friends are simply unable to contact them as solitude assists our Meme Interns to create the dankest of content.

We look forward to continuing our support of up and coming dank meme artists, and our ongoing commitment to providing agile solutions which have made ScorpInc The Name You Will Trust.