Deepest Cleaning Services

Currently our Earth-based customers are in need of high levels of hygiene and decontamination services. ScorpInc is able to utilise a combination of cutting edge technology along with fully organic materials to provide 100% sanitation to large commercial spaces at a fraction of the cost and time for other hands-on cleaning teams.

ScorpInc’s Purgativeā„¢ service is a fully contracted solution. We will take care of everything while your place of business is empty, meaning you and your employees will return to a safe and sanitised workspace.

Our patented techniques and technologies do have some requirements our potential clients will need to consider.

  • All cleaning must be undertaken in a building without humans for their own safety. If you normally have security staff, we will supply ScorpInc security while the cleaning is underway.
  • A large freight/goods elevator must be available.
  • All security recording devices must be turned off for the period of the cleaning. ScorpInc will undertake security monitoring for this time period. This includes any security monitoring at the entry to the building closest to the freight elevator. This is to protect your equipment.
  • If your building has a sub-basement area that is able to be completely secured for access only by ScorpInc Purgative team members, we will be able to store our equipment on-site and offer a significant discount for the service. Note: walls must be reinforced concrete at a minimum of 200mm thickness. Doors must be steel and preferably reinforced. Space must be at least 10m2 and there must be nearby access to water or similar hydrating liquids.
  • Your premises must be at least 100 metres away from any consecrated ground.

When it comes to a complete disinfecting solution, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.