Dinner? Delivering for Hospitality.

ScorpInc is a leader in providing food delivery drones to the hospitality market (please also ask about our optional surveillance modules). We are aware of some complaints in highly populated areas around the sound of a delivery drone, and the vulnerabilities of the standard technology to sabotage or tampering (please ask about our drone-self-defence modules).

In response to these concerns, ScorpInc has developed a new food and beverage delivery system which is quiet and incorporates service and self-protection features: Maitre d’ Manticore.

Our genetically perfected manticores offer the restaurant market a unique delivery system with several advantages over drones.

Quiet The only sound you will hear is the gentle whoosh of leathery wings, followed by the soft landing of the manticore’s feline feet on your client’s driveway or balcony.

Fast recharge Feed your manticore whichever meals didn’t get eaten at your place of business and they’re ready to fly again in 20 minutes - quicker than 90+ min charge time of a drone battery.

Friendly Our manticores can utilise their human faces to smile, wish people a lovely evening, and deliver news of any new specials or dishes your business has available.

Built-In Security Our delivery Maitre d’ Manticores are all the scorpion tail variant, which allows them to protect themselves should a hungry neighbour attempt to liberate your customer’s serving of Pad Thai.

Environmentally friendly Our manticores are engineered for low emissions, and are 100% biodegradable.

Our Maitre d’ Manticores are highly trained professionals. However, it is recommended delivery locations lock up any pets or slow-moving children when a delivery is expected.

When you need to deliver, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.