Entity Summoning For Beginners

Tips from Wayne Matchitehew, PhD (Manager of Benevolent Magic, ScorpInc)

The Full Moon provides a wonderful opportunity for spell casting of all types. Anything you undertake under the watch of a full moon will be amplified. The full moon this month is a particularly powerful one, and you may like to consider trying entity summoning.

Entity Summoning – Tips and Tricks

You must have all accoutrements prepared before you begin the ritual. Preparing a welcoming space for the entity is key.

1) Perform the ritual near vegetation.

Vegetation helps root the entity to this plane after summoning. Small houseplants may work if they are well looked after, but larger plants are better. Trees are ideal (preferably evergreens).

2) Attract the entity visually

Entities appreciate visual displays. Glitter and shiny foil are useful. Lights of all kinds will lure the entity to your space. If the lights flicker in a pattern (random or otherwise), this will entice the entity to investigate.

3) Provide foot coverings

Entities often travel via cold dimensional wormholes, which freeze their jolly toes. Oversized sock-like clothing will make them both warm and welcome.

4) Play soothing sounds

Music will help the entity remain calm in your space. During this full moon in particular, it is suggested you play music featuring bells. Lyrics should focus on snow, chestnuts, and sleighs (regardless of the seasonal reality of your location).

5) Arrange for food and beverages

To ensure the good will of the entity you are summoning, be sure to provide refreshments. Milk and some form of finger-food dessert is often touted by more traditionalist magick users, but never underestimate the attractant power of alcohol.

6) Prepare your interaction

Be ready for whatever the entity asks. If the entity questions you regarding your behaviour during 2015, have a mental list of all your conquests, diabolical successes, and vanquishments-in-progress.

If the entity is satisfied with your response, it should then ask what you would like to be given (presumably as a tribute from the entity’s home dimension in homage to your villainous triumphs). Focus on one or two deeply desired items. These should be material objects – focus on “a new grimoire” rather than “death to those who oppose me”.

7) Bid the moon goodnight, and rest

Thank the moon for witnessing your spells and summoning. Go to bed without further acknowledging the entity. If the ritual was successful, the entity will have left tributes at the foot of your chosen vegetation upon your wakening.

WARNING: If you accidentally summon the entities known as Krampus or Grýla, please contact your designated ScorpInc Magic Liaison for additional advice and healing spell services.