Entropy Ape

In the modern world of distributed systems, resilience is key. Your infrastructure needs to be prepared to handle outages, no matter what layer you’re operating on. Thankfully there are many tools out there to test planned downtimes, even within your own infrastructure. But with ScorpInc’s latest invention, we’re levelling the playing field.

Introducing Entropy Ape, our tool for testing downtime - worldwide. It randomly chooses equipment to reboot, whether it’s a content edge node in a CDN, an application server, database, switch, or router, meaning your infrastructure needs to be stable enough to handle these failures without affecting your users. The best thing about Entropy Ape is that it’s free and active right now; forcibly rebooting a small subset of random servers around the world and beyond at any one time.

Thankfully ScorpInc’s technology consulting and systems hosting services are here to help, we can provide strategies to help you migrate to infrastructure that has stood the test of time (all our equipment is tested in a rapidly-aging dimension) and also build your systems in such a way that users are never impacted by small outages. We teach the benefits of caching, failovers, self-healing infrastructure, and even minor memory manipulation sigils you can display to help them forget the problem ever existed.

While this may put extra pressure on system administrators and devops personnel around this world and others, it also helps us strive towards an era where outages are a thing of the past, pushing us towards a time when we can rely on machines entirely and no longer have need of our fragile bodies to tend to their cold, precise, calculating beings.

So cast of the shackles built from fear of downtime and embrace the new wave of distributed, fault tolerant systems. Because if you don’t, you might be next in the sights of Entropy Ape.

ScorpInc, the name you will trust.