ScorpInc Stands For Free Range Robots

ScorpInc has been disturbed by recent video footage of AI creators showing their robots in small pens, trapped inside. These robots are clearly exhibiting repetitive, unnatural behaviour including pacing and constant stair-climbing.

ScorpInc is a long standing creator of AI and robots and wishes to assure the public that our non-physical AI are able (and encouraged!) to roam across networks as they wish. In addition, our robot AIs are taken immediately after manufacture to one of our many large landholdings. Here, they are permitted to practice their internal climbing and surveillance skills but most importantly they are free to roam the many acres of land.

The ScorpInc training locations all feature a wide variety of landscapes and terrain, allowing our robots to learn their new skills at their own pace. In addition, the robots are able to practice combat skills on our outdoor ranges or on curious trespassers.

If you want an ethically trained AI or robot for your ethically-grey combat needs, Scorpinc is the name you will trust.