High Speed Data Connections For Enterprise

High speed transmission of data is the defining invention of modern society. While the public switched telephone network and the electric telegraph each catapulted the capabilities of society to new heights, they still pale in comparison to what “broadband” has done for the world. From e-commerce to high frequency trading and from high definition streaming services to remote piloting of mining equipment, we wouldn’t be in nearly the same place without ubiquitous high speed internet.

However it’s not all equal; many parts of the world still aren’t serviced by reliable telecommunications, and many existing networks are vulnerable to a range of threats - from totalitarian governments to cyber-terrorist threats. We at ScorpInc see these issues and have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to release our new high speed data connection services for enterprises to create networks that leave you free from the worries about traditional connectivity issues.

The technology that enables these fast, low cost but high reliability services? How can this all be done without a significant investment in infrastructure (undersea/underground cables, routing centres, etc)? ScorpInc provides services by tapping into an existing, vast network of transmission lines known traditionally as “ley lines”. These interconnecting fields of magical power connecting together powerful landmarks across the globe provide a high availability network. By encoding your data and transmitting it as pulses of magical power along these lines that can be picked up by other nodes and decoded from ethereal waves back into binary we can then switch it directly to your network.

We make our services available to large scale business, governments, and global corporations looking for dedicated links across all their sites, as well as providing high bandwidth channels for new internet service providers looking to enter retail or SME markets.

Currently availability is dependent on your distance from existing ley infrastructure, however we are looking at ways to expand the network by utilising existing cult networks which can create shrines and temples that lead to new lines developing towards other nearby powerful structures.

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