Hospitality Workforce For The Festive Season

ScorpInc Hospitality understands businesses requiring a workforce for the festive season may feel overwhelmed by options. As we all know, humans can be demanding and unreliable employees at best, and litigious time-sinks at worst.

ScorpInc is proud to offer medium to large scale solutions for your holiday season employment needs. Following an aggressive involuntary recruitment campaign, we are proud to make available yetis as a solution for your warehouse and/or front of house needs.

With their natural strength and propensity for throwing things, our yetis are ideal for warehouse positions at this high-turnover time of year.

However, ScorpInc is pleased to also offer yeti personnel trained in the complicated nuances of Santa services. Hiring yetis for your business in this role has clear advantages:

  • Yetis have their own beards (regardless of gender). This saves costume and laundering costs.
  • Yetis are naturally used to working in cold environments and do not require heating. For our Southern Hemisphere clients, please speak to your customer liaison about our yowie alternatives.
  • Providing a yeti Santa gives you an obvious edge as an innovative merchant, as opposed to your competitors who are stuck in the past using an old man in a smelly red felt suit.
  • Yetis up the ante on the consequences of being on Santa’s naughty list - a selling point for parents with unruly offspring.
  • Yetis may count towards your diversity hire quotas (cryptozoological or endangered entities).

Our yetis are provided to you with a comprehensive information packet, including dietary requirements and communication methods. We also include insurance coverage for:

  • Light or tree destruction (accidental) up to AU$1,000
  • Light or tree destruction (rampage induced) up to AU$5,000
  • Limb nibbling up to AU$10,000, or full complimentary restorative surgery from ScorpInc’s neoshamans.

Need your yeti to be a little less “Merry Old Saint Nick” and a little more “Krampus”? We have yetis whose personality profile have disqualified them for Santa positions who would be ideal for your requirements. Please specify whether they should have a taste for flesh (please include flesh-species).

When it comes to the merriest and/or bloodiest Christmas employment solutions, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.