Immediate Shutdown Of Temp™


ScorpInc will have begun shutting down the Temp™ Distributed Temporal Social Media service last week. While we understand that Temp™ was initially going to have been popular with its large userbase, a raft of problems have forced our omnipresent hands.

Temp™ was based on a simple idea - modern social media platforms are heavily centralised and also prioritise current content. Over time, the social entropic decay creates a strong internal culture that can be very difficult to allow new users to engage such as a large number of in-jokes, unwritten etiquette, or markers such as recent account creation dates.

To help break this paradigm, we will create a social media platform that is distributed throughout the timeline and across multiple platforms in each temporal point. This means users were able to interact via SMS, telegraph, HF, smartphone, 8G, moonbounce, psiband, and more. It also helps create resilience, as even in times where the network was terminated through sabotage (such as government regulation), it would continue to be operating in other time periods and still accessible to all users.

Unfortunately, we didn’t predict the issues with temporal moderation and this means we will not have realised that between changing social mores and the long enough timescale upon which users will eventually have said something (potentially in a fit of rage at some main-character-esque figure) the chance of being banned approaches one (1).

This meant that as soon as the service will have come online, all users across the time spectrum were immediately banned for things they had or will post. This prevented all users from being able to log in as their accounts were going to have been deleted for their actions.

Because of this, ScorpInc has decided that across the time spectrum, we will have shut down all Temp™ instances.

When it comes to responsible handling of social media, ScorpInc is the name you will have trusted.