Introducing Iktsuarpok, An Exclusive Community To Help You Meet Your Next Co-Conspirator

ScorpInc has a wide range of clients and connections. Many are high powered in their spheres of influence, be it magic, money, political influence, hell dominion possession, high game scores, or physical beauty as defined across a multitude of worlds. It is difficult for those with a certain level of fame or notoriety to meet and connect with others who are sincere in their intentions.

Which is why ScorpInc created the exclusive new service, Iktsuarpok.

Iktsuarpok is a private1, invitation-only service to help our elite clients connect. We allow members to specify the kind of partnership they are seeking, meaning you can find like-minded people or entities with confidence.

Iktsuarpok community members are vetted by our intelligence and thaumaturgy agents to ensure there is no undisclosed and undesirable evil in their histories, and that disclosed evils are relatively accurate and not embellished beyond reasonable expectations for the context. Premium membership also includes access to our Medium team, with reports on prior relationship causes of death and rates of ghosting.

Successful matches we’ve helped create include high profile political-meets-Hollywood romances which led to a later match between a famous dress and celebrity influencer. Iktsuarpok also facilitated the partnership between the world’s most successful medium-sized art thief with the greatest producer of Da Vinci forgeries, and helping top Minecraft speedrunning referees find experts in the field of statistics with a focus on Binomial distributions.

Ready to broaden your horizons and find your match regardless of where they are across the infinite number of universes and realms of which ScorpInc is a part? Add your name to the vetting list today.

When it comes to finding what you want, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.

  1. Sharing of Iktsuarpok screen captures, videos or seduction incantations will result in an immediate ban. Non-consensual spiritual or physical possession or other forms of similar behaviour will result in a ban as well as a range of sanctions as outlined in the ScorpInc Gaes of Service. ↩︎