Learn To Code Bootcamp

Want a new career, or just looking to fulfil a New Year’s resolution and learn a new skill? Why not check out the ScorpInc Learn To Code Bootcamp, registrations open now! An intensive, 11 week course that teaches you the skills necessary to be an industry-ready programmancer and you’ll even have a job offer ready at the end*.

We take the term “bootcamp” seriously though, so you’ll be given all-inclusive accomodation and meals at one of our lovely ScorpInc Caserne De Luxe campuses and in return we expect you to provide your best in learning and performing requisite duties. We believe that by creating a strictly controlled, uniform environment where you eat together, exercise together, and learn together; you become a better team player - a vital and oft-overlooked skill in modern programmancy.

You’ll begin by learning the basics, simple cantrips that allow you to modify a system and invert its controls or cause icons to melt and warp on the screen. While many consider these to be “children’s activities”, we teach you to do the basics right and get them down perfectly. Learning the foundations is important, no rockstar code sorcerer can even think of doing mass network control or necrotechnomancy without a strong understanding of the basic building blocks of spellgorithms.

But before you know it, you’ll be skilled in all kinds of modern programmancy talents. You’ll learn offensive and defensive cyberskills including:

  • Identity glamours
  • Remote thermal runaway induction
  • Ethernet warding
  • And much more!

At the end of the bootcamp, you’ll also have a job offer as a spellmage with ScorpInc, looking at a great promotion and career track. We’ll even cover the cost of the course in exchange for you accepting the role provided.

When it comes to learning to be the best cyberhexer on the information superhighway, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.

*Job offer may not be refused.