New Year, New You

Another year done and dusted, another year coming up. Resolutions abound and hard work is in your near future. Ready to make some changes, revolutionise yourself and be the “new you” for the “new year”.

All of these are honourable intentions, but wouldn’t your energy be better directed towards enjoying your favourite hobbies and nights out rather than expending all your effort towards trying to improve yourself?

With ScorpInc’s “New Year, New You” cloning and building services, you can be the best version of yourself right now. Less time working on improving yourself, more time enjoying the benefits of being fitter, smarter, and more attractive.

Our full service body creation systems allow us to not only create a clone of you that will have your memories, your thoughts, your tastes and be functionally you, we also have the ability to tailor it to your needs. We can increase muscle mass and metabolism, reshape existing fat distribution or reduce it, and even modify bone structure.

Not everything is about looks or physical capability though, and ScorpInc has you covered. With our revolutionary GrowTrain™ system, as your clone is rapidly grown it is imbued with the training and knowledge for the skills you want. Aside from simply embedding your brain scan to give it your consciousness, we can also give it knowledge of new languages, how to play instruments, pottery masterclasses, chef-level cooking skills. Not even the sky is the limit - especially with our astronaut training simulation classes.

Once your clone is fully prepared, simply come in and we’ll activate it, and the new you will be ready to step out into the world and take on the benefits of the new you in your old you’s world. Don’t worry about your old body or the consciousness inhabiting it, as part of our full service deal we’ll take care of it as well.

For reinventing yourself in the new year, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.