Make 2017 The Year Of Your Career

ScorpInc has been successfully launching and guiding careers for untold eons. Here are our top tips for getting ahead at work in 2017.

  • Upskilling - Time does not stand still (Hell Dimensions excluded), and every day without improving your knowledge is another day getting left behind. When is the last time you memorised a luck incantation? Learned and completed a ritual to improve your work performance?

  • Time Management - Knowing how best to allocate and use your time at work is key to getting noticed by the higher-ups. Remember, using a clone of yourself can maximise your time at your place of employment and assist with tasks you find too difficult or unpleasant.

  • Networking - Everyone knows networking is key to progressing in your career. Are your botnets active? Are you monitoring your competitors, both internal and external to your company? Do you have cloud-hosted artificial intelligences able to move at will throughout the network to destroy those standing in your way? Don’t be afraid to think small: never underestimate the personal demoralisation of deleting a coworker’s photos.

  • Always Find Something To Do - If things are a little slow for your work area, volunteer to assist others who may be overwhelmed. This shows your willingness to be a team player when it suits your ends. Don’t worry that there won’t be anything to match your skills. For example, here at ScorpInc we send all volunteers to our Chief Site Reliability Officer, who always finds tasks no matter how seemingly simple. We can say with confidence everyone who has worked in that team has learned a little something about themselves.

  • Adapt to change - We all know change is inevitable. Will you embrace it and all the possibilities it offers? If your supervisor approaches you offering to upgrade your current hands for robot hands, say yes. If you have the option to alter your DNA as part of a workplace experiment, grab the opportunity. Focus only at the upside of having poisonous spines, and leverage them to create a new vacancy at the next level!

Need help getting your career on the fast track in 2017? ScorpInc has limited places as part of our professional development and teaching programs. Speak to your ScorpInc representative today. Please ensure enrolment documents are signed in inks made of the most sanguine of humours.

When it comes to rising to the top of the seething corporate mass, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.