No More SSH, No More RDP, Just Remote Viewing

A 3AM page to fix broken customer systems is a nightmare unto itself for any vendor, but remembering they have some arcane environment with an unholy number of firewall rules, network segments, hypervisors and more is enough to drive anyone even more bonkers than what lead them to a career in IT to begin with. But thankfully ScorpInc’s new Remote Viewing Protocol can help ease those burdens. The latest secure, system-agnostic remote access technology is making waves in the tech and arcane spheres thanks to its simplicity to implement and use.

As part of the ritual of inking support contracts, clauses are added binding the client’s IT and triage team to your support roster. Because the contractual bindings are connected to the relevant organisational units rather than individuals, this means contracts don’t have to be redrafted if key individuals on either end have unfortunate bus accidents or are rotated in or out with promotions or interdepartmental/interdimensional shifts. For the organisational unit bindings to apply, all team members must be under EBAs or contracts with the correct clauses ensuring fealty to organisational gaeses or other bindings. Please note that any such contracts which violate the fairness laws of applicable jurisdictions (including union, state, federal, international, or ethereal) will result in the dissolution of those portions.

With the bindings in place and upon discovering a system fault covered by the contractual SLA the client team can initiate a page, which will contact the rostered vendor contact. The page also initiates a “ready for remote viewing” state in the client staff member. The vendor support can then begin a Remote Viewing session in which case they can feel the full range of sensorium experienced by the client and provide psychoethereal suggests and messaging to help the client resolve the problem.

This subliminal form of messaging allows the remote hand to gently feel the need to log into the systems that the on-call technician needs for troubleshooting and will find themselves able to do so, even when confronted with systems, technologies, or sigils they have no familiarity with. Please note that the on-call support must have familiarity as they are passing their own knowledge remotely over the link for use. Please note that all psychoethereal suggestions can not counteract a client’s own free will, nor will any shared knowledge or sensory experience exist after the connection is closed to maintain individual, corporate, and ethereal privacy.

If the vendor and client both use ScorpInc MalusTree documentation and record-keeping systems with a shared library, the ScorpInc Remote Viewing session can integrate with it, allowing the client operator to immediately access the knowledge required to log into any systems the on-call technician needs diagnostics from as well as how to parse the input, even if neither party has the relevant experience themselves. This allows a wider range of staff members to be part of an on-call or triage roster, limiting burnout for smaller specialist teams and allowing a wider range of staff to optionally pick up on-call payment wages.

When it comes to doing anything remotely, even from the wilderness of Siberia, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.