Non-Fungible Enchantments (NFEs)

ScorpInc continues our thaumaturgical innovations, combining with our deep knowledge of technology and ways to bring a unique experience to our clients. We are proud to introduce our newly minted Non-Fungible Enchantments, or NFEs.

When you purchase an enchantment from the ScorpInc vault, you will be recorded as the true owner of the spell. It will be clearly shown as yours for all to see, and you will be able to join our exclusive club where all NFE owners can compare spell values and effects. ScorpInc even hosts in-person events in selected hell dimensions with exclusive soul selling opportunities not available to our non-NFE clients.

While others can technically use your spell (with or without your permission), any power they manifest to enact the spell reflects in the spell’s NFE value.The more times a spell is used by others, the more popular or useful it clearly is, proving your bold investment choice!

When it comes to making magic out of nothing, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.