[REDACTED] Welcomes Executive Chef


[REDACTED] has always been considered one of the premier haute-fusion restaurants across the multiverses, and ScorpInc is proud to welcome Albeka Shishani as our new Executive Chef.

Chef Shishani has worked across many cuisine styles on Earth, building a reputation for bold flavours and uncompromising dishes. Chef Shishani spent time as a sous chef in Chef Zestiel’s Welkin restaurant, as well as starting their career as Chef de Partie under renowned demonic culinary artist Karamellu Corriandagh at 89th Grave. Chef Shishani also took time to study cryptodesserts and pseudopastries at the prestigious Sisec Arcology.

The first meal created by Chef Shishani at the flagship ScorpInc Headquarters (Earth) [REDACTED] location was strictly invitation only, providing the opportunity of several lifetimes to a select number of ScorpInc partners and clients. The nine-course degustation menu created only for that night is shared to give an indication of the level of mastery and creativity Chef Shishani will bring to [REDACTED].

When it comes to culinary excellence, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.