Remote Meetings? Get Closer.

It’s a common feature of the modern office landscape that many people work remotely. This innovation allows for work-life balance and increased productivity by removing commute times and office socialisation opportunities, particularly of the infection-vector variety.

Meeting remotely takes this one step further, allowing not only those working from off-site to participate, but also allowing offices or organisations in other regions and realms to join in.

As we all know, body language contributes enormously to the message being communicated verbally. Sadly, working remotely can minimise or even mute this important communication mechanism, giving colleagues “in the room” an advantage over you when sharing ideas or expressing disagreement with your plans and vision.

ScorpInc is proud to introduce YonHither, a way for you to be in the meeting as a physical force while never leaving home. YonHither uses a combination of cutting edge and traditional possession techniques to allow you to take over the body of someone who can attend the meeting in person. You can then use your host to communicate your ideas with the full persuasive power of your personality, and the full range of movement and articulation of your host’s physical form. Added bonus: since there’s no webcam needed, you can stay in your pyjamas!

ScorpInc can supply both a local host and Spirit Possessionologist. If you are at a sufficient level in your organisation to compel people to assist you, we’d be happy to work with you and any of your employees you nominate.

For those using our full service: as you are only possessing the ScorpInc-provided body on a spiritual level and will never meet them physically, you are at zero risk of any infection. Should your thrall become sick after interacting with your colleagues in person, ScorpInc will supply you with a new body to possess at no additional cost.

When it comes to ensuring your message is communicated every way possible, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.