Secure Séances and Hauntings (SSH)

ScorpInc understands the importance of secure communications across all platforms, including supernatural messages. Whether you’re negotiating your latest corporate deal with lawyers in a hell dimension or trying to get your dearly departed grandmother to tell you where she buried the family fortune, you need to know those messages are completely secure and confidential.

ScorpInc offers two levels of service in our Secure Séances and Hauntings (SSH) offerings.

Single Use

This option utilises two psychic communicators: one with you to relay your message, and the other with your intended recipient regardless of their realm or corporeal state. At the end of the message the communicators are decommissioned permanently to ensure they cannot be compelled to reveal the message and pyrogenically disassembled to prevent being necromantically raised.

This is the cheapest but is unfortunately wasteful and not environmentally friendly; while we are a green company we continue to provide this option to be compatible with certain archaic government requirements about secure messaging. Given the communicators are disposable they tend to be less experienced or skilled than other communicators and may also be vulnerable to certain types of “demon-in-the-middle” attacks.


Your written message is transmitted asynchronously in small sections at a time to multiple communicators across disparate timelines and locations using our hyper-onion network approach, and is translated into the language the individual communicators use. The communicators are unaware of the identity or even existence of their colleagues and are therefore unable to piece together coherent sections of your message.

Instead the message is delivered to a one-time only manifestation device which assembles and delivers messages as you and your recipient sit in completely sealed, secret locations. Our fees include the cost of finding and escorting your message target to the receiving location*.

This platinum service provides the highest level of physical and psychic encryption, using the AUGUR-∞ cipher.

When it comes to secure communications regardless of temporality, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.

(*We are unable to force them to reply or even listen to your message, so please be sure the recipient will at least be willing to hear from you as no refunds are offered for refusal to reply).