Smart Home? Step up to Supai™

The smart home space is crammed with assistants who will respond to your every command. What if there was a smart home hub system that didn’t need to be told what you wanted and needed?

Meet Supai™.

Supai is not a passive system waiting for you to remember to add something to a list. Supai monitors all aspects of your home life and helps you stay on top of keeping it all running smoothly.

Always forgetting to cancel your free trials to streaming and other services? Supai can monitor these and check in with you (this service available when you try our Premium Pack for a complimentary three months).

Low on groceries? Supai has cameras which provide in-situ fridge and pantry monitoring and will order for you, using live tracking to find the best specials and checking your online schedule to find the best delivery time.

Need to make the house look lived in while you’re away? Forget having to program a timer or go into an app to manually adjust lights while you’re away. Instead, Supai’s smart sensors continually record your daily light usage and sleep habits and can replicate your regular routine while you’re on your well-earned break.

Supai’s active technologies are always monitoring your household, and can detect when things aren’t quite right. Adjusting the air conditioning, turning down the oven so your roast veges don’t get burned, making an appointment with a relationship counsellor when the arguing gets a little too negative, Supai has it all covered.

When it comes to smart home technology that moves from passive to active, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.