WeLab Initiate

If you’re an enterprising biomedical startup or a trailblazing lone wolf scientist looking for a lab, why not consider one of our Initiate coworking spaces? Many “up and comers” want to go all out with their own purpose-built facility, but have you considered the costs and resources associated with this option? Building and maintaining a large-scale clean room environment, disposing of the people with knowledge of its creation and layout, sinking (lair) or weight-supporting (tower) the whole setup, and even the hassle of recruiting staff to look after it - all are huge outlays with large recurring expenses to an early-stage cutting-edge robotics firm or reanimation specialist.

With a ScorpInc Initiate membership, you get all the benefits of your own space to test, observe, create, and repeat for a fraction of the cost. You can rent a room on a 100% basis if you need a good permanent setup or if your experiments can be packed down before the dawn breaks and you return to your unassuming normal life (we totally get the startup lifestyle!) you can even just rent a workbench for the hours you need.

As an added bonus, you’ll be surrounded by other unconventional pioneers at the forefront of a variety of fields. This creates the perfect opportunity for networking and information sharing, fresh perspectives from different industries that might help crack those tough snags you’re having. We also host regular workshops, so why not take Tuesday afternoon off from revolutionising animal brain implants and teach others about something you’re enthralled with - or learn about making thralls! Our sponsored ‘hackathons’ also give you the opportunity to work alone or with a group of like-minded individuals on big problems facing the biggest companies in the fields of weapons development, data mining, mass surveillance, and AI. You can win everything from cash prizes, untested technology, and even a coveted job with leaders in your field.

Of course, no office full of young radical entrepreneurs would be complete without a ping pong table and fun Friday drinks!

When it comes to accelerating your scientific or engineering career, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.