WeLab Managed Work Spaces

As part of our mission to “solutionise” the world, ScorpInc is here to disrupt the way you handle your corporate laboratories, cleanrooms, and sensitive engineering facilities. Join all the biggest and most agile enterprises in reducing your capital and operational expenditure by using a ScorpInc Managed Work Space. Instead of handling all the complex phases of “lab” management (including build, operation, decommission) yourself, you can now outsource these resource-consuming tasks and focus on what really matters to your business: building the next wave of solutions to problems from today and tomorrow.

For those looking to get started as soon as possible, we have an inventory of ready-made labs and secret campuses located in major cities and remote locations around the world. With the upcoming release of our Pick-Customise-Move tool, you’ll be able to log in to your ScorpInc client account, pick the right campus for your company, customise the fitout, and then move in as soon as it’s ready. With this kind of on-demand service we want to be the name you trust when it comes to labs, lairs, and lavish towers - perfect for your growing empire.

If your needs require more customisation and planning than our prefabbed workspaces, contact your ScorpInc account manager today to discuss custom builds. We can help plan the perfect place for your company to plot, plan, and progress. From the colour of the bikesheds to the equipment on every virus research workbench, you get total design control. You’ll also have the expert advice of ScorpInc facility design teams, who have helped create boltholes, bases, and buildings all over the world and far beyond it.

All our labs meet the highest standards, including BSL-4 for biosafety applications, as well as ISO 14644-1 ISO Class 1, US FED STD 209E Class 1, EU GMP Grade A, and BS 5295 Class 1 for all cleanroom designs. We can also arrange correct storage and handling mechanisms and appliances for all your CBRN-adjacent projects. Unlike many industrial fitout specialists, we also believe in the importance of the “office home”; decorating and maintaining an aesthetic so your employees feel comfortable and enamoured by the workplace - something traditionally missing from research and production facilities.

We also want you to know that we here at ScorpInc feel very strongly about security, and every WeLab Managed Work Space is protected by our Umbrella security system, a platform that encompasses technological, process, and policy driven components to ensure no unauthorised entry under any circumstances. In the event of a system-wide issue, the Umbrella system will “fail-closed”, preventing all ingress and egress until you are able to restore everything.

When it comes to trustworthy real estate, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.