Wrapping Up Intern Month

Another successful Intern Month came to a close on Sunday, and we’d love to share our learnings and thoughts for the future.

You might be a bit confused about Intern Month, or may have only heard of Intern Day (last Thursday of July). Well we’re here to tell you that our interns mean a lot more to us than just one day, and what better way to show it then dedicating an entire month to the perfect little cogs who help keep our giant machine turning.

A lot of people have the impression that interns are unpaid coffee-fetchers, but in reality that’s a myth that we want to help dispel. ScorpInc’s Paid Intern Program is a perfect example of a placement program where interns get real, hands-on experience that helps prepare them for the array of jobs available now (and coming soon) in the workforce.

We provide ample opportunities for interns to explore all that ScorpInc has to offer, including:

  • Compound testing in our organic chemical farms
  • Cybernetics installation in our biotech laboratories
  • Post-incident teleportation laving

Why not accept a position in a ScorpInc Internship soon?

How To Celebrate Intern Month

This year, we decided to “sweeten the deal”, by including our new, patented, artificial SweetYum™ sweetener and menticide agent to liven up the already spectacular Gruél provided by [REDACTED] for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you’re not already providing free meals for your companies interns, you’re missing out just as much as them! Not only is it a great way for interns to save some extra dosh, but a well-fed intern will be operating at a much better productivity level.

Aside from setting up displays around the offices and hanging out “#bestinternseva” banners in the foyers, we also set up “selfie stations” with cute Instagram frames and novelty items so interns could take a snap “for the ‘gram” to help get the word out about how great a place ScorpInc is to work. We even caught a few of our non-intern staff having fun at the selfie stations!