The Future Of Invisbility

Invisibility is a field which has been stagnant for quite some time. The long established ways of achieving invisibility have remained unchanged for aeons. No one has considered a new approach.

Until now.

ScorpInc recognises that while the existing methods of undertaking invisibility still work, there are significant disadvantages. Components such as jellyfish eyelids and skeleton flowers can be expensive or difficult to find as required. In addition, the burn out rate (metaphorical and literal) for illusionists is high when asked to perform invisibility incantations in high-risk situations, such as industrial espionage or sneaking into sold-out shows. How could we do it better?

ScorpInc’s data harvesting and indexing techniques allow us to locate organic instances of invisibility in social media. Every time someone finds photos of friends at a party they weren’t invited to, each time someone doesn’t respond to an @, whenever one’s post goes unliked or (even better!) unviewed, invisibility is created. Using our new Intang-Ability cryptomagic technique (patent pending), we capture the moment of invisibility and repurpose it for the needs of our clients.

Future research is focused on capturing not just the moment of invisibility, but the feeling of invisibility as well. We suspect the feelings generated by these invisi-moments are the most powerful sources of infinitesimalness in the known universes. ScorpInc’s work on harnessing your innermost darkness continues.