“Can we?” This is the only question our researchers ask. We then set about proving that we can.

Our introspection-free approach has lead to many exciting breakthroughs in hybridisation. A still-evolving security situation involving a race of sentient ducks led our team to considering the best weaponised hybrid to match this foe in their natural battlefield - on water. . It was hoped that by crossing an octopus (speed and diving ability) with a chicken (avian-brains to outthink their foes), we would have the ideal skirmishers.

As is often the case in hybridisation, splicing provides interesting surprises. Rather than a chicken with tentacles, we ended up with a chicken in all ways but one. Our new chicken has eight legs.

While extensive speed and agility testing has shown our octo-chicken is not suitable for military purposes, our charity and outreach arm saw an immediate potential benefit for our Feed The Seed campaign. Eight drumsticks per chicken means a large yield product with far less care and space required when compared to four chickens with inferior leg-capacity. The slightly briny taste and chewy texture provides needy citizens with a culinary experience many would envy.