Be There When You Can’t Be There

While we’ve all adapted to video conferencing as best we can, ScorpInc continues to innovate to provide the best in-person experience analogues. In addition to our YonHither remote meeting service we are proud to announce our newest service: FacsimilME.

FacsimilME allows a version of you to appear at an event or simply to spend time with distant loved ones. This version of you is a carbon copy in terms of looks, mannerisms, and memories. Your loved ones will feel like you’re right there, because you are!

Simply submit your DNA and brain scans to ScorpInc’s labs using our easy-to-use kit. You can then use our online form to establish which memories and aspects you would like the travelling version of you to exhibit. You can also add permissions as to which activities you’d be willing to participate in if invited, or definite no-go options for this version of you. Then finish off by setting the self-destruction date and time and you’re ready to launch your perfect copy into the world.

Have your alternate-you printed at the nearest ScorpInc FacsimilME booth to your loved ones or event, and your alternate-you will be able to travel the rest of the way. Better yet, let your loved ones know the anticipated printing completion time and they can meet you at the booth for a joyful reunion!

For a small additional cost, ScorpInc can intercept the alternate version of you just before self-destruction and extract their memories for implantation into your own brain, so you truly will feel like you were there.

We are also already receiving queries from people who are unwilling to risk their own physical form in certain daredevil activities but would like to experience them as if they were really there. FacsimilME with memory extraction-implantation is the perfect solution assuming enough of the carbon copy brain remains to allow for it.

When it comes to making sure you’re the most you that you can be, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.