Employee Restfulness To Improve Productivity

Here at ScorpInc, we understand that well-rested staff are the best working staff. Many studies have shown that allowing staff to take rest breaks during the day means they can meditate on problems, clear their head, or just recharge their batteries (literal or metaphorical). Many hip workplaces have introduced “nap pods” or “meditation rooms” over the years to help staff get the breaks they need and ScorpInc has been no different.

But we’re not content with just being equal in the pack - so ScorpInc has introduced a new element in our Ways Of Working. To prevent people ignoring their bodies need for rest when they’re excited about working on big projects that will help improve the future for both ScorpInc and you, we have scheduled nap breaks throughout the day based on an employee’s circadian rhythm and our in-office detectors that monitor stress hormone levels, mental alertness, eye saccade patterns associated with anxiety, and non-work related thought patterns.

When an employee’s scheduled nap break arrives, one of our fun ScorpInc autonomous foam-dart turrets used for in-office shenanigans will be automatically loaded with a tranquiliser dart and used to enforce a quick descent into unconsciousness. Now the coworker can take their nap break to help reduce stress and forget their worries. Once their allotted work break is up, a second dart will be loaded, primed with a personalised cocktail of stimulants to get them back up and into their work.

We’ve introduced this system to great success in all our bases of operation; from our offices, warehouses, and manufacturing lines to our corporate daycares and black sites. Many staff have found they could even drop previous vices like smoking or coffee intake thanks to the reduced stress and potential drug contraindications with our tranquilisers and stimulants.

When it comes to a light kip at work, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.