ScorpInc Provides New And Improved Parental Facilities


Bringing your baby to work has always been fraught with inconveniences and grumpy “childfree” colleagues who don’t understand the extra labour parents undergo. And while your child may be happy being raised by a FacsimilME, you might miss the daily hugs and cute drawings. But here at ScorpInc we love and cherish children and are glad to help out however we can. ScorpInc has recently re-invested in our creche facilities to make sure your younglings have a safe and nurturing environment to learn and discover while you help work towards a better world with ScorpInc.

We provide a number of fun activities including “Treasure Hunt”: We give your children a list of items and they go through our specially designed ChildSafeā„¢ warehouse to find and bring back items that match the description. Older kids can get a start on learning how to wrap Christmas and Parents' Day presents by helping cover and protect the items the younger ones bring back and then stamping them with address labels and invoices. These items will be greatly cherished by their destined receivers.

Hand-eye coordination and 3D spatial skills are also important, and ScorpInc aims to help improve your kids' capabilities by setting them tasks, including assembling items from multiple pieces of machined and stamped metal and plastic destined for the friendly fellows in our Aerospace and Defence departments.

Don’t fret about not being able to see your kids while at work, we’ll make sure their scheduled breaks line up with yours so you can spend time with them in the [REDACTED] cafeteria.

When it comes to caring for your kids, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.