Everyone wants AI at the moment and none more so than your clients, at least according to your boss and the corporate sales team. But will AI actually improve your product? It doesn’t matter if you’re selling craft beer, Christmas-themed bibs, or widget add-ons to an ERP; your product could definitely be improved by AI according to an article an executive read on a website owned by an investment firm looking to juice some of its other portfolio companies. And thus the important task of introducing AI to the product falls in your lap, pushing aside your carefully prepared quarterly schedule.

Don’t stress though, ScorpInc is here to help by empowering your product, service, or grey-market bioparasitical gene therapy with TokenAI.

TokenAI is a new and transformative system that leverages the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence. From our superior training, powerful model architecture, and lightning fast, superbly accurate inferencing, we enable you to make the most of the AI technology boom through TokenAI by:

  • Leveraging insights and producing actionable business intelligence to drive powerful return-on-investment across all your verticals.
  • Engage customers through a natural interface that can intuit their needs and enable them to discover a new love for your product, initiating a willingness to be upsold value-added services and increase viral recommendation prospects.
  • Efficiently resolve issues before they become problems through its holistic aggregation and understanding of your data lakes, allowing forecasting, analytics, and even pre-emptive automated action.

Note: Select whichever is most appropriate to pitch to your superiors and procurement personnel.

TokenAI works via a subscription- and consumption-based pricing model with tiered levels depending on the current location of key decision-making executives on the AI-hype spiral. From a product integration perspective we’ve created a simple onboarding process which can connect to any physical manufacturing, online platform, software deployment system, or ward-research pipeline that you’re currently using. Our simple onboarding platform customises the capabilities of TokenAI by letting you select the metrics of success your project is being measured on. After that, you’ll have a live dashboard and periodic reporting system that can be used to justify the expense. Some executives might be concerned that you’re not using their existing data pipelines but you can simply point out that this is a state-of-the-art AI-powered reporting system that utilises neural networks even more complex than some C-level human brains to derive this information and thus the results must be more accurate than your legacy, pre-AI reporting dashboards.

To entice put-upon staff charged with building AI integrations, TokenAI subscriptions offer an amount suspiciously equal to 3% of the monthly cost of TokenAI ending up in a nominated account as a bank error in your favour at any participating financial institution that is currently touting their new AI-enabled banking platform.

When it comes to helping your company be on top of the VR AR NFE metaverse AI hype cycle, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.