Using Your Brain For Cloud Computing

What if you could earn money researching a cure for cancer (without the hassle of applying for grants)? Or detect natural disasters or study the galaxy without a degree in astronomy? Here at ScorpInc we’re creating the technology that allows you to be part of the next big wave of data processing.

By signing on to our “Brain-naut” program, you can explore the far frontiers of research and data processing while being paid for your time! We send you a fashionable Cranial Headset Interface Protector (CHIP) and when you want to connect, you simply find a comfortable place to lie down, set a desired number of hours to commit, put it on, and then flick the start switch.

The CHIP puts your body into a form of stasis. It ensures your bodily functions are still regulated (breathing, circulation, digestion, etc), but uses the rest of your brain power to solve incredibly hard problems provided by the ScorpInc network. Because your brain is essentially a powerful and efficient supercomputer, it can crunch large datasets much quicker than traditional neural networks run on GPUs or FPGAs.

Unlike traditional distributed computing projects like Folding@home or SETI@home, or underpaying “contractor” arrangements like ride share or food delivery programs, we also fairly compensate contributors for their time. We recognise that giving up 4-6 hours per day is a lot to ask and it’s unfair to request someone to work for an unreliable income, or worse - nothing.

Our patented CHIP system is incredibly safe, and you don’t have to worry about the psychological side effects of being exposed to massive amounts of data. While in stasis you are completely unconscious and unaware of what is happening, much like going under a general anaesthetic and then waking up hours later after a ScorpInc Surgery™. All projects run on CHIP wearers have also been vetted by our ScorpInc-funded Ethics Advisory Program.

Being a contributor means you get to set your own hours and work remotely from the comfort of your own home. Join the revolution with ScorpInc, the name you will trust.