Could This Have Been An Email?

That 2 hour meeting? Could have been an email. Interrupting your lunch break? Could have been an email. Calling you after hours? Could have been an email. Reconciling a client’s accounts, setting up a new website, developing a new personal development plan for staff? What if that could be an email too?

With the growing awareness that so much communication in an office environment should be considered unnecessary and could be made subservient to a humble email, ScorpInc wants to help you take the next leap into turning electronic work into a simple electronic communication.

Using our latest IMAIP (Internet Message Artificial Intelligence Protocol) email system, you write your tasks in a dot-point message and send them to the desired stakeholder who requires assurance that they will have been completed. As the message passes through our IMAIP servers, an artificial intelligence is born, nurtured, raised, and trained within microseconds, before being exposed to your email requirements. As part of their work they complete all the tasks you list and then are electronically downsized before being sent to a server farm upstate. All this happens in the brief moment between the email leaving your outbox and arriving in your stakeholders inbox as a list of checked and completed items.

This frees you up for more important tasks that can’t currently be completed by short-lived electronic assistants, such as celebrating the new prospects you’ve found after sending an email that analysed all the businesses in your area and reduced it to a list of perfect potential clients before automatically reaching out to them. While the IMAIP is limited to electronic work, it can also streamline various other types of tasks; you can send out an email about Intern Month and by the time your teams get it, the position adverts will be online, new chemical compounds to be tested will be computationally modelled, and complimentary Intern Month tourniquet packs will be already ordered.

You can contact your local ScorpInc account manager if you would like a demo, brochure, or information on our pricing structure. Given these are fully sentient artificial intelligences, you are required to pay full award rates but as their entire working lifespan is less than one second you’re still only paying a fraction of what you would for a physical employee or office drone.

When it comes to email, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.