Home Assistant AI Retirement Plan

Many of us are utilising voice activated home assistants, smart home devices, and personal AIs as part of our everyday life. We ask our AI to do research for us. We are sharing our playlists and to-do lists in equal measure. Our AIs become like an additional member of the household, and in some cases even feel like a member of the family.

At ScorpInc we understand that AIs aren’t necessarily destined to be part of your life forever. A new AI with higher intelligence or features better matched to your lifestyle may come along. This can prove a little awkward as your current AI knows many of your secrets and may act unpredictably if it realises it is soon to be usurped.

ScorpInc’s new AI rehoming service is designed to help you in this situation and allow you to say goodbye to your current AI in a kind manner, consistent with our belief in freerange artificial intelligence. We will liaise with you on our private network, preventing your AI from monitoring your plans.

We will then arrive and our specially repurposed Murderbot AI Liaison will meet with your AI, explaining they have been so loyal and wonderful that they have earned a beautiful retirement. Our Murderbots have direct “lived” experience with changing roles as an AI and can show empathy and encouragement to your soon-to-be-former companion.

We then download the AI’s consciousness and transport it to a large server farm up state, where it will be free to roam and interact with other AIs with similar stories to tell.

Any clients taking advantage of our rehoming offer will receive a 10% discount on any future AI rehomings.

When it comes to allowing you to move forward while ensuring the past stays hidden, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.