Modern kids are exposed to forms of technology at young ages that their parents could never have imagined when they were younger. From iPads to VR rigs to subcutaneous IoT behaviour modifiers, your child will likely be immersed in the digital world from even before their first word. And they should be too if you want to give them a chance to succeed in today’s cyber-first economy.

But connecting your child to online society comes with a whole host of ethical and safety concerns and who better to help your child understand these than your favourite brand? Although a lot of kids learn about the world through government accredited ScorpInc Schools (a subdivision of ScorpInc Modern Warfare Recruitment), it’s never too early to kickstart their education and our new CuddleWatch plush toy is the perfect companion for your ‘net-native baby or toddler.

CuddleWatch is soft and fluffy and shaped like an anthropomorphic CCTV camera, to help your child understand that such technology is there for them, to protect them from nightmares AND package thieves. It makes the perfect toy for helping your young one understand the value of having all their activities - online and offline - monitored constantly by corporations, government, and even strangers!

With no small parts that could present a choking hazard, CuddleWatch is safe for babies of any age. It’s not just a cuddly companion either! With an inbuilt micro-fission reactor powering state-of-the-art edge computing technology, CuddleWatch is equipped with all the sensors and communications technology you could ever need to keep an eye on your special spawn. Its big fluffy eye is a miracle of materials science, as it is also a working high resolution camera so you can check in on your baby while they sleep or watch them at playtime to make sure they’re safe. It connects easily to your AI-powered router and when linked with Supai™ you can receive updates or warnings about your child no matter where you are.

CuddleWatch represents the first in the “Panoptican Pals” line of toys from ScorpInc, which will soon be expanded with new members to help teach tomorrow’s kids the joys of surveillance capitalism.

Want your child growing up knowing they’re always watched over? ScorpInc is the name you will trust.