Decentralised Autonomous Organisation Proxy Executive Services

The growth of Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) is proof that people trust in tech, and it’s the same reason people trust in ScorpInc with our expertise in AI and technology. Unlike ScorpInc, many DAO’s suffer from “committee thinking”; as each shareholder has a vote, every shareholder thinks they know how the company should be run. But in reality, a board runs a company, a board of trustworthy and experienced leaders make the decisions because they have the data, knowledge, and experience to do it right. And that’s why ScorpInc is proud to introduce our Decentralised Autonomous Organisation Proxy Executive Services.

Rather than bikeshedding problems and listening to a million different opinions with mostly degrees of inexperience, the members of a DAO can hand over their voting tokens to real leaders with real experience running real international megaconglomerates. You can expect better outcomes as our team arrives on golden parachutes to steer the DAO the way it needs to go to maximise shareholder value.

Instead of waiting—potentially forever—for a voting quorum to be reached among shareholders, the Proxy Executive Services team can make snap decisions to react to market changes. The priceless artifact the DAO was going to invest in is off the market? That’s okay, we can redistribute the existing funds to buy shares in something more valuable such as a trusted multinational, multidimensional company with a history of good returns.

You can’t really trust other members of the DAO to act in your best interests, there may even be parties involved working directly against you - so trust in experienced business people to lead your Decentralised Autonomous Organisation in a way that they believe best represents your needs.

When it comes to leadership and wise investments, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.