Metaverse Is Out, Thaumaverse Is In

With a hype spiral shorter than pet rocks and even less tangible use cases, the “Metaverse” as envisioned by your least favourite tech companies has been sent to the e-farm upstate. But the core concepts behind it have existed long before the two-bit blue chips got into it and will continue to exist long after they take the long walk off a short runway. While the VR “telepresense” aspect of the Metaverse was hailed as the latest and greatest thing, we’d like to point out that ScorpInc has long been involved in the space of remote and interactive avatars with such offerings as our YonHither service for remote meetings and the post-fact realignment of memories available with FacsimilME.

But now we’re unveiling the next leap in immersive telepresence: Thaumaverse. Unlike traditional metaverse VR systems where your inputs are limited to audio-visual headsets and occasional haptic feedback systems, Thaumaverse directs the full sensory experience of a possessed avatar straight into your brain - you feel like you’re really there because your subjective experience of reality is really there. Whether you’re catching up with distant family and friends, attending a virtual conference, or gatecrashing a virtual United Nations conference with your list of demands, the Thaumaverse provides an engaging method for group collaboration.

Our Thaumaverse system is based on four main building blocks to create the perfect virtual environment for your needs:

  • Avatars - The being each user possesses during their online session.
  • Dimensions - A pocket dimension created for a Thaumaverse session, this can be temporary or persistent (speak to your ScorpInc services partner about our Continuous Casting subscription plans).
  • Objects - The physical objects in the dimension that can be interacted with by members such as ground, food, furniture, trees, and computers.
  • Rules - The governing laws of physics and metaphysics for your dimension that can be customised to allow or disallow functionality such as flight, magic, data connections to your home dimension, and combat.

While ScorpInc provides a wide range of pre-sigiled options we also allow you “cast your own” custom and personalised elements such as unique avatars, weather effects, and background audio tracks1.

We also provide a fully customisable gain adjustment system to counter the idiosyncracies of your possessed avatar as compared to your own capabilities. This helps prevent neural feedback overload or increase stimuli feedback for less receptive possesotypes to ensure you get the maximum enjoyment from your catchup/meeting/hearing.

When it comes to telepresence with the legs to go the distance, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.

  1. Due to the witch-magic involved, all audio tracks are played backwards. Please reverse your tracks before adding them. ↩︎