We understand that some of you are looking for a new two-factor authentication (2FA) method. We are pleased to offer our new solution: ScorpAuth.

ScorpAuth is a free service that takes away the tedium of waiting for apps or entering codes manually. Instead, when you click the 2FA request button in your compatible app, one of ScorpInc’s trainee mediums will connect to you via psychic link, confirm you are the one accessing the app, and grant access. This process is seamless and physically painless, and works in nanoseconds.

We are able to offer this service free of charge as it’s a great way for our new psychics to learn how to connect and navigate psychically with our clients “in the wild” rather than in less realistic lab or teaching scenarios.

When it comes to security that’s more than a passing thought, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.

Disclaimer: While we will not access any information in your mind that is locked away, our psychics will naturally pick up on any thoughts that are at the front of your mind. By agreeing to use our service, you also agree to allow us to sell a generalised view of these thoughts to services you use to better target advertising. What better way to find out about the hot new restaurant to take your new crush to, or the financial services teams that can help you out.