ScorpInc In The Community

Community Engagement

At ScorpInc, we utilise our continually gathered intelligence to profile communities before any engagement commences. Fully prepared, we are able to leverage our community profiles to interface to the best advantage.

We undertake our community engagement by targeting each and every cultural group. Our cross-species cross-generational approach takes into account the wisdom of the wizened hags to the insights of the half-orc druid outcasts. ScorpInc also employs translators for all 159,245,113 known languages, including the demonic languages Enochian and ECMAScript6.

Ethics & Compliance

ScorpInc is aware of the expectations the community with regards to ethical behaviour and compliance with relevant statutes. Our compliance program actively looks across all known communities to ensure our actions are compliant in at least one of them.

Our approach to ethics is straightforward. We do not believe in judgement or imposing a single society’s moral philosophy across all other groups and individuals. Our adaptive-ethics outlook serves our client-base well, and you can rest assured that behaviours others may label as “archaic” or “barbaric” are recognised by ScorpInc as your unique cultural identity.