ScorpInc is able to provide a complete, vertically integrated supply chain throughout via our agribusinesses.

Food Production

From Swamp to Salver

ScorpInc is invested in controlling each step of the food production process. We identify and purchase prime production locations and install graduates from our own agricultural programs, fully armed with the unique growth and farming techniques developed by our team of agri-scientists.

Our research programs have created many of our unique hybridisations. For example, our development of poppy-pineapple has revolutionised pain management for pizza eaters while our crop-grown cattle project (pictured) is ushering in a new era in food cultivation. And of course, who could forget everyone’s Christmas favourite, the Octo-Turkey.

ScorpInc is also able to provide specifically engineered seed stock for non-compliant population centres, to allow you to engender respect at the level of physiological need.

Non-Food Farming

Feeding the Other Parts Of You

Beyond Food

ScorpInc’s expertise and investment in geoponics extends beyond food production, while also dovetailing with it. Components, plants, and non-organic growth matter are all utilised to create high quality and sought after agro-products.

We’re also one of the few human-capable cloning providers on the market.

Magic Ready

ScorpInc can provide fresh or processed spell ingredients. We also produce organic blood ritual components, from whole-of-body (drained or undrained) to severed fetish objects. We partner with retail outlets and large-scale cults.

When it comes to farming food and all the way to getting it to your plate, ScorpInc is the name you will trust.