Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Natural isn’t always best.

ScorpInc’s unique combination of technological know-how and ancient invocation leads to a fusion that means our artificial intelligence truly is more human than human. Our AI and robotic technology can augment your life, helping you with your day to day tasks as well as with reaching your full potential. ScorpInc’s AI will enmesh themselves in your life. You’ll barely remember what life was like without them.

Add AI and Enhance Your Life

From virtual assistants that can predict your needs to virtual pets that bring love but not allergies, ScorpInc AI boosts your life, helping you be efficient and fulfilled.


When you need your AI to have a physical manifestation, our robotics options will work into your work or home needs. Flagship technology like our fitness robots combine advanced AI and genuine concern for your health to help you reach and surpass your workout goals.

AI Are People Too

What sets our AI apart is they become part of your organisation and (in many cases) part of your family. ScorpInc AI entwine themselves with your life. When it’s time for your valued colleague or dear friend to move on, we ensure they are either given a new career or retired with dignity.

For intelligent business machines, ScorpInc is the name you and your AI pals will trust.