Whether growing cells or humans, mapping DNA or viral outbreaks; ScorpInc is at the forefront of biotechnology.

Biotechnology is “the synthesis of biology and technology to meet the needs of modern business”. And no where on—or off—Earth is this more demonstrated than within the hallowed laboratories, surgical theatres, and barbershops of ScorpInc.

Under The Knife


When it comes to surgery, who else can you trust that has a AAA rating from Confidential - A ScorpInc Monthly Magazine? None other than ScorpInc Surgeries™, ready to give you whatever procedures you need and maybe some you didn’t know existed.

Tech Implants

Not only can we help install off-the-shelf cybernetics, but ScorpInc has it’s own range of top quality implants, including our powerful Cerebrate Chips to help focus on what’s important; separating actual technological advancement from pyramid schemes with good marketing.


Why stop at sheep, or pets, or interns? Cloning is perfectly safe and ethical for humans according to ScorpInc’s compliance and ethics departments, so why not take advantage of our offerings. You can be the best you that you can be this year, or be there for family, friends, or especially work when you otherwise can’t be there.


ScorpInc is at the forefront of DNA technology. We’re still leagues in the future with our DNA storage technology that puts your backups safely on your staff. Beyond that, we have one of the biggest DNA testing platforms in the multiverse backed by our unmatched sovereignty, so you know that your data stays with you, and us, and no one else.

The leading experts in biotechnology, ScorpInc is the name you and your clones will trust.