Social Responsibility

ScorpInc recognises the unique position it holds, and we have done our best to obfuscate this by establishing clear social responsibility guidelines.


Cultural Respect

ScorpInc believes in respecting the cultural traditions of all groups we work with, regardless of humanoid status. This can be most clearly seen in our relationship with the scorpion community.

ScorpInc realises that not all scorpions have been given the same opportunities in life. Some have been displaced by construction programs. Others have been forced to live in substandard soil, poisoned by wizarding experiments and alchemy gone wrong.

ScorpInc have provided homes and opportunities to these scorpions, making them part of our scorpion farms around the multiverses. In addition to ScorpInc’s valuable work with these disadvantaged scorpions, we are proud to celebrate the scorpion tradition of cannibalism in our food farming industries. We see no contradiction in our farming and charitable works. By providing an opportunity for everyone to enjoy scorpion-meat products, we are honouring the fine heritage established by these majestic creatures over 400 million years ago.

Charitable Giving and Outreach Programs

ScorpInc is proud to be affiliated with several community-base charities, many of which are worthwhile. In addition to providing housing for scorpions who find themselves in socioeconomically challenging circumstances (see Cultural Respect), we also provide training and outreach for some of the more disadvantaged in the multiverse. See some of our case studies and training provision below.

Dancing For White Men

ScorpInc is proud to fund this initiative for disadvantaged white men who are unable to dance. Many of us have witnessed the one-beer-shuffle or the Dad-bunion-boogie in social settings and wished something could be done to assist this needy group.

Our support provides a safe, non-judgmental space to allow these men to find their “inner-groove thang” (as they like to call it) by working through toe tapping, head bobbing, and eventually moving the hips in time to the beat. White men who have successfully mastered the basics of social dancing are then taken through several simulations to build confidence, including Your Cousin’s Wedding, The Work Xmas Function, and Last Chance To Pick Up Before The Club Shuts.

Technicolour Technicals Auction

We believe in the arts and as part of our one of our intern programs we give potential hires the chance to explore their creative side by crafting a unique vehicle designed to last in the toughest of landscapes. Many of these are on display at our various offices as well as patrolling around some of our lesser known territories. However biannually we do a charity auction of some of the most beautiful and creative examples of this ramshackle vehicular construction art.